Pakistan: A ‘Soft’ Military Coup?


Courtesy: Farooq Tariq, September 01, 2014
"The issue of election rigging is just a cover for Imran Khan. His real motives include covert opposition to the military operation against Tehreek-e-Taliban, opposition to the PMLN’s attempt to put Musharraf on trial and to cover-up the performance of the Khayber Pukhtoon Khawa provincial government." August 30, 2014 – Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal -- Claims and counter claims by Imran Khan’s Pakistan...

Russian Federation Sitrep


Patrick Armstrong, Courtesy: us-russia.org, August 30, 2014
THE BATTLEFIELD. The rebels have scored huge gains: more "cauldrons”, re-taken the height of Saur-Mogila and reached the sea. People who don’t think Col Cassad is a good source can stick with the BBC and wonder, while looking at the attached map, how the rebels can be in Novoazovsk; or how the Russian aid convoy got into "surrounded” Lugansk. Rather than admit that it has been robotically re-typing Kiev's press releases, the...


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