If India's Land Was Divided like India's Wealth

If Indias Land was option 2.jpg

Newsclick Production, December 17, 2014
What would India look like, if its land were to be divided in the same manner as its wealth? The second info graphic in the series on India's wealth inequalities illustrates this on a map of India. After we divide India's land between its population in proportion to their wealth, nearly half the country's land will belong to the richest 1%. A quarter of the land will belong to the next 9%. In effect, close to three fourth, i.e., 74% of India's land will...

Israel Observes Human Rights Day by Killing Palestinian Minister


Arjun Sengupta, December 12, 2014
On 10th December, Wednesday, Ziad Abu Ein, a senior minister in the Palestinian government, was killed in broad daylight by Israeli soldiers while staging a protest in Turmus Aya village in the occupied West Bank. Abu Ein was assaulted by three Israeli border policemen who dealt him severe blows on his throat and chest. He collapsed on the spot and was taken to a nearby hospital which declared him dead on arrival. The protest was in observance of the...


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