The Palestinians and the "Jewish state"


Vijay Prashad, April 22, 2014
Palestinian negotiators have a miserable task – each time they approach the Israeli position, the Israelis demand more. One would have thought that the “Palestinian Versailles” – as Edward Said called the 1993 Oslo accords – were enough of a concession to Israel. But with the illegal settlement activity and the illegal West Bank wall, Israel continues to demand more land for less peace. For decades Israeli negotiators would...

For García Márquez’s legacy, look to his newspaper journalism

Gabriel Garcia.jpg

Laura Bennett, April 19, 2014
Long before "One Hundred Years of Solitude," the novelist found myth and magic reporting on the Colombian coast García Márquez said that he always identified more as a reporter than a novelist. But amid all the remembrances, the assessments of his magical realism and his politics, his newspaper journalism is the one corner of his canon that has remained mostly untouched. He spent decades in journalism. His first newspaper job was...


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