Wealth Inequality In India


Bodapati Srujana, July 23, 2016
Today, wealth inequality in India is much sharper than ever before. The top 1% that owned a little more than a third of India's wealth in 2000, now own more than half the wealth in the country. In this same period, the share of 99% of India's population went down from almost two-third to less than half. Though India's economy has grown rapidly in recent years, the benefits have gone largely to the rich. In the last decade and a half, India's wealth has...

Gujarat: Where Dead Cows Valued More Than Living People

Dalits Attacked in Gujarat

Newsclick Report, July 20, 2016
On July 12, four Dalit youths who were skinning a dead cow were thrashed with iron rods, chained to a car and dragged to a police station in Una, a small town in Gujarat. The assaulters -- members of the local guan rakish samiti -- were from the Darbar caste and accused the Dalit youth of killing the cow for the purpose of selling beef. The incident happened in Una town in Saurashtra, Gujarat. The gruesome incident was captured on video by their...