Death toll soars in Gaza as Israel Unleashes ‘Fiercest’ Bombardment


Mohammed Omer, July 29, 2014
At least 60 Gazans were killed in a night of intensified air, naval and artillery strikes by Israel while the home of Hamas leader Ismail Haniya was hit   A Palestinian man displays a Hamas movement flag and portrait of Hamas leader Ismail Haniya whose house was hit by an Israeli airstrike, on 29 July in Gaza City (AFP) GAZA CITY - Palestinians in Gaza say that Israeli attacks last night and this morning were the most aggressive since Israel’s...

Debating the Significance of the BRICS Bank


Newsclick, July 28, 2014
The BRICS Bank declared in Fortaleza by the BRICS countries has raised questions regarding its significance. Some -- such as Leo Panithch and Prabhat Patnaik -- have said that given the neoliberal direction of most of these countries, it is unlikely to make a major difference to the global economy. Fidel Castro has, .in his article written about the significance of the BRICS Bank, not in terms of its economic significance but its political importance in...


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