The Hidden Truths Behind The Greek Drama


Roberto Savio, Courtesy: Other News, July 24, 2015
Greece was the civilization where drama and farce were established as forms of theatre. The negotiations with the Eurozone were a drama for the Greek people, and a farce for the European leaders. In fact, it is a dramatic for all, that this brings to an end of the most radical dream after the Second World War. Let us see why. It will be a little long, but without examining a little history it is impossible to understand how we came to this situation. The...

CJP and Sabrang Trust Rebut Gujarat Police’s False Claims in latest Affidavit

Teesta Setalvad.jpg

Press Statement, July 24, 2015
To begin with, the aims and objectives of both CJP and Sabrang Trust as contained in their founding documents are wide enough to allow for a wide range of activities. However, since its inception in 2002, CJP’s core concern has been to provide legal aid to the victims of mass crimes. Sabrang Trust’s main focus has been, one, Khoj (education for a plural India) programme run in schools, and two, conflict resolution and peace building. In...

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