BJP's Communal Election Arithmetic


Prabir Purkayastha, April 12, 2014
The first phase of elections are over with 111 seats going to polls on 7th and 10th. Ther BJP, which has a thin presence in these seats, now hope to pick up a substantial number. Its main calculation is that its Modi plank, buoyed up by unprecedented media advertisements including the Internet, a paid social media campaign and splashing Modi all over the country's billboards has created a Modi “wave”. While the high-ground is “Modi means...

Power and democracy on the Net


Sally Burch, April 12, 2014
Over a space of barely two decades, the Internet and digital technologies have found a place in the daily routine of a great part of humankind. And around these technologies an endless number of spheres of our societies are being reorganized. They are so convenient – and seductive – that to live without them is almost unthinkable; and this is only a beginning, with respect to the changes that are coming. Nonetheless, the speed with which all...


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