The Precariat: The New Dangerous Class


Guy Standing, portside.org, October 29, 2014
Guy Standing argues that there is a new class in the global economy - the precariat. The precariat is growing, but fighting for democratic rights. Will the precariat be the vanguard of a new progressive era? Guy Standing Working-Class Perspectives Across the world, more and more people realize they are in the precariat – or may be soon – and that they are not alone. That is bringing a change of mood, from being defeated and dispirited to being...

Why the Left Continues to Win in Latin America

Dilma Rousseff.jpg

Greg Grandin, Courtesy: thenation.com, October 28, 2014
Red flags are flying in Rio and Montevideo. Not only did Dilma Rousseff win in Brazil on Sunday but next door in Uruguay, Tabaré Vázquez, the presidential candidate for Frente Amplio—or Broad Front, the political heir to the insurgent Tupamaros of the 1970s—did better than expected in a first-round vote and is predicted to win a November runoff. Vázquez, a former president (Uruguay prohibits consecutive re-election) would...


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