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Egypt Needs a Democratic Revolution: Ahdaf Soueif

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Newsclick Production, March 16, 2016


A lot has changed in Egypt since the new regime has come to power. Attempts have been on to suppress any voice of dissent. Police and forces have become omnipresent, with a clear mandate to crush the popular movements. Quite a contrary to the Mubarak regime, where opposition had at least some voice, today, every effort has been made to nip any opposition at its origin. 

Three Card Monte: Egyptian Style

Amr Khalifa, June 6, 2014

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After 30 years of servitude to a Hosni Mubarak regime that empowered the rich and the ruling classes, Egyptians chose revolt as the supreme agent of change. With revolutions come passion, dreams of a better life and violence. But above all else, a change is sought to replace an unjust condition.

Dispatches From Cairo: Return of the Revolution

Lauren Unger-Geoffroy, Courtesy: truthdig, Nov. 23, 2011


Courtesy: truthdig

We asked Lauren Unger-Geoffroy, an Arabic-speaking American who lives in Cairo, to share her perspective of life in Egypt after the revolution. In this entry, she writes about the rekindling of violence and revolutionary spirit.

Egypt Rising as Shock Waves from Tunisia Arrive

Prabir Purkayastha, Newsclick, February 3, 2011


The earlier Tunisian uprising and the current Egyptian uprising is a continuation of the nationalist movements that had characterised the earlier de-colonisation struggles.

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