Praveen Chandrahas
21 Aug 2017
From policies to technologies to activism - combating job losses has to take a multi-faceted approach in the country.
Newsclick Report
21 Aug 2017
The petition filed by Hindu Aikya Vedi (“Hindu United Front”), a Sangh Parivar organisation, against the building of a memorial shrine for Mahabali,…
Apurva Chaudhry
21 Aug 2017
More than 100 students from various other organisations protested at the college gate and later marched to the Vice Chancellor’s house.

Newsclick Team
14 Aug 2017
The farmers in Maharashtra have intensified their agitation against the BJP-led state government.
Newsclick Team
13 Aug 2017
Despite the promise of “Achhe Din”, peasant suicides are being reported extensively now and this trend is escalating.
Ashok Dhawale
11 Aug 2017
Farmers’ outfits in Maharashtra will restart their protest to demand a blanket loan waiver and implementation of the Swaminathan commission’s