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Farmers’ Protest: Pune’s ‘Kisan Bagh’ to Amplify Farmers’ Voices

Various like-minded organisations in Pune have come together to start a sit-in protest called ‘Kisan Bagh’, which has been named on the lines of Shaheen Bagh.
Kisan Bagh, Pune

The support for farmers’ organisations camped at Delhi’s borders is growing across India, with the Bharat Bandh of December 8 proof of the same. The same day, a sit-in agitation titled 'Kisan Bagh' was organised in Pune, to put its weight behind the agitation against the Farm Laws. Activists and people from different organisations have joined hands to intensify the ongoing protests and increase awareness among the common folk. 

Shaheen Bagh was an exceptional example of courage and the determination of the common people in India in recent times. The battle of the farmers to scrap the Farm Laws is another one. So, we have given the name Kisan Bagh to this sit-in agitation where people from every corner would come, participate and support the cause,” said Suniti S.R. national coordinator of the National Alliance for People's Movement (NAPM). 

All the organisations which have participated in the farmers’ struggle and had supported the Bharat Bandh are part of Kisan Bagh. On December 8, veteran social activist Baba Adhav began the agitation in Pune. “It is now the responsibility of the youth and farmers to join hands and give India a bright future. This struggle must be taken to its logical conclusion,” Adhav had said. 

Kisan Bagh has also organised lectures on various topics, including detailing the three Farm Laws, on the need and democratic rights of an agitation, the economic policies of the Modi government, the law-making procedure in a democracy and on other issues. The agitation is also using the internet to connect different kinds of farmers. Lectures to inform about newer  techniques in farming are also being organised here.  

“This agitation will go on until the Central Government accepts the demands of the farmers. We are ready to sit here for an infinite period of time. The support that the gathering has garnered for the agitation is giving us hope for the best,” said social activist Professor Subhash Ware. 

While this sit-in agitation will go on, its organisers are also planning to take the issue door-to-door, to the people. They are planning street plays and poetry recitals in various cities. The youth organisations are planning poster and banner campaigns in different metro cities across the state. Street corner meetings are also being organised to inform the people about these three laws. These meetings will take place in the evening across various cities on a daily basis. 

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