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300 Workers of Burari Sit on Indefinite Satyagraha

They are sitting on Satyagraha related to MGNREGA, NMMS app and ration
Image Courtesy: Newsclick

New Delhi: On January 16, people from different panchayats of Burari block sat on Satyagraha related to Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) and ration. They sat outside the offices of the PO and MO under the banner of Jan Jagran Shakti Organisation (JJSS), wherein around 300 labourers rallied from Bareta Panchayat from Seraily and reached Burari block with their demands.

In Muzaffarpur, in the last 21 days, the attendance of 2,700 labourers has not been marked due to the National Mobile Monitoring Software (NMMS) app. In connection with this, hundreds of women protested against the central government on January 17 and demanded that they should be present on the muster roll at the planning site as before.

The NMMS App was launched by the Minister of Rural Development on May 21 2021. This app aimed at bringing more transparency and ensuring proper monitoring of the schemes. According to the Ministry, the NMMS App permits taking real-time attendance of workers at MGNREGA worksites along with geo-tagged photographs. The app helps in increasing citizen oversight of the programme and is applicable for the MGNREGA workers for all the States/ Union Territories.

However, various organisations are alleging due to multiple reasons like network issues in rural areas, in-app issues, slow internet etc., many are unable to mark their daily attendance. Due to this, various organisations are protesting and urging the Government to give attendance to all 2700 workers and scrap the NMMS app.

The JJSS has made the following demands:

1. The work should be given as per the demand for written work.

2. All willing labourers should be issued job cards without money.

3. Stop making attendance on mobile.

4. Unemployment allowance should be given for not giving work.

5. The outstanding wages of the labourers should be paid at the earliest.

6. In every panchayat of Burari block, PR should be held for one day
every week and everyone should be informed about the marked day.

7. The labourers should be provided cooked rice instead of raw rice
from the dealer.

8. Not less than 5 kg of food grains should be given in each unit.

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