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508 Deaths, 1.26 Crore People Affected by Floods Across India

In Assam, 56,89,584 people from 30 districts have been affected by the floods.
508 Deaths, 1.26 Crore People Affected by Floods Across India

Image Courtesy: dailyhunt

Since the onset of monsoon, over 500 people have died across the country because of the ongoing floods and flood-related incidents. At least 1.26 crore people have been affected, and approximately 5,22,908 people have been displaced. Bihar, Assam, Uttar Pradesh are the states that have been affected the most.

Bihar continues to be affected by floods as river overflow from Nepal has inundated more areas. According to the situation report published by the Ministry of Home Affairs’ Disaster Management Division on August 4, over 59.68 lakh people have been affected by the floods, and 19 people have died. One thousand one hundred and eighteen villages have been affected. A total of 4,40,507 people have been evacuated, and 38 relief centres have been opened. The relief camps are currently housing 28,664 people. 

In Assam, 56,89,584 people from 30 districts have been affected by the flood. One hundred and seven lives have been lost in flood-related incidents, and 26 lives have been lost due to landslides. Over 5,000 villages have been affected in the state, and 81,696 people have been evacuated. Over 2,62,723.74 hectares of crop area has been affected. Six hundred and twenty-six relief camps have been opened and are currently housing 1,56,874 people.

Uttar Pradesh has also witnessed heavy rainfall since the onset of monsoon. Over five lakh people from 16 districts and 960 villages have been affected. Six people have died since July 1. Five hundred and fifty-two houses have been damaged. 956 relief camps have been opened, and 4,340 people have taken shelters in these camps. Close to 38,000 hectares of crop area has been damaged.

In West Bengal, 233 lives have been lost during the current monsoon and six people are still missing. Most of these lives were lost when the super cyclone Amphan stormed through Southern Bengal in May 2020. More than 2,18,000 people from 23 districts and 1,868 villages have been affected. Over a thousand houses have been fully damaged, and over 10,000 houses have been partially damaged. One hundred and thirty-eight relief centres have been opened, and are currently housing 13,771 people.

Apart from these four states, the death toll in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Madhya Pradesh are 28,18, and 68 respectively. Assistance is being provided across the country by 10 National Disaster Response Force teams. 

According to the International Federation of Red Cross And Red Crescent Societies, over 1.75 crore lives in South Asia have been affected by floods and being threatened by disease. It said, “So far almost 17.5 million people have been affected and more than 630 killed by major floods in India, Bangladesh, and Nepal according to government figures. Half of Bangladesh’s districts are underwater, leaving nearly 1 million families stranded and cut off in their villages. Flooding and landslides in Nepal have left almost 200 people dead or missing. In India, almost 12 million people are affected by the floods mainly in the northern states of Assam and Bihar.”

The monsoon season floods mean a high proportion of the population in South Asia becomes vulnerable to diseases such as dengue, malaria, leptospirosis and cholera. In 2019, 1,36,000 people in India were infected with dengue and many were hospitalised. COVID-19 restrictions have hampered efforts to destroy mosquito-breeding sites and raise awareness in communities of how to prevent the spread of diseases like dengue and malaria, ahead of this year’s monsoon season.

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