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Guatemalan Indigenous leader Daniel Pascual denounces political persecution

He has been accused of defamation, slander and injury by the son of an army general from the era of the military dictatorship

On January 14, the legal process against Guatemalan Indigenous leader Daniel Pascual is set to begin. Pascual is accused of defamation, slander and injury by the son of a high-ranking military official and interior minister during the dictatorship of Ríos Montt.

According to Pascual’s organisation the Committee for Peasant Unity -CUC- the charges are unfounded and in violation of the Constitution as well as several international conventions that Guatemala has ratified. Due to his visible role in the defense of human rights and vulnerable communities in Guatemala, Pascual has long been subjected to a systematic campaign of attacks, threats, and intimidation by the Guatemalan right-wing and government entities, this baseless accusation is part of that.

Pascual and CUC call on organisations and individuals to stand in solidarity to denounce this clear case of criminalisation.

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