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TN This Week: Police Reject BJP’s Claims on Coimbatore Blast Case, DMK Seeks Recall of Governor

Neelambaran A |
The DMK has sought an appointment with the President to submit a memorandum seeking the recall of governor R N Ravi.
TN This Week: Police Reject BJP’s Claims on Coimbatore Blast Case, DMK Seeks Recall of Governor

Image: Prakash R.

Tamil Nadu Police rejected the allegations of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on the Coimbatore blast case. In a strongly worded statement, the state police accused the BJP state president of defaming the force, despite prompt action in the case. The state police and the National Investigation Agency (NIA) has raided 100 locations in the last 10 days in and around Coimbatore. 

The northeast monsoon (NEM) has brought widespread rain across the state, claiming two lives in rain-related incidents. While some parts of Chennai witnessed waterlogging, the preparatory works of the Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) received appreciation.

After the prolonged delay in providing assent to the bills passed in the Assembly, the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) has decided to submit a memorandum to the President seeking to recall the governor.

The Madras High Court has granted permission to the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) to conduct rallies in 44 of the 50 places requested by the organisation, with conditions. But the organisation has cancelled the route march after the restrictions imposed by the court. 

Three people lost their lives following asphyxiation due to refrigerator explosion.  NewsClick brings a round-up of the happenings this week.


Tamil Nadu BJP president K Annamalai had accused the state police of lethargy in the Coimbatore blast case, claiming that the police did not act despite an intelligence report. But, in reply, the police department accused the leader of spreading false information about the case. 

The statement rejected any specific intelligence input on the Coimbatore blast and said that the NIA was involved in the investigation immediately after the blast. The police and NIA have continued to conduct raids in and around the city.

In a show of solidarity and harmony, the leaders of the Muslim Jamaat in the area visited the Kottai Easwaran temple, which close to the spot of the blast. The priests of the temple accorded a warm welcome to the Jamaat leaders. 

Both the communities demanded that the political parties work for communal harmony and condemned the attempts to create hate against the minority community.


The NEM has been active from November 2 over Tamil Nadu, bringing incessant rain across the state. Heavy downpour caused waterlogging in few parts of Chennai; however, the impact was less than the previous years.

Education institutions were closed across the state due to heavy rain. A building collapse left two people dead and three others injured on November 5.

Parts of North Chennai were affected due to the rain, as drainage work is yet to be completed in the area. 

Farmers from several districts, including from the delta districts, suffered damage to newly sown fields and paddy kept ready for procurement. The demands of speedy procurement and necessary infrastructure for the direct procurement centres (DPC) have remained unfilled for long. 


The DMK MPs have sought an appointment with the President to submit a memorandum seeking recall of governor R N Ravi. The MPs belonging to the secular progressive alliance (SPA) have signed the memorandum. 

The governor has been making public statements praising Sanata Dharma to which the SPA constituents have made strong objections. The parties have demanded that the governor resigns to be able to please the BJP leadership. 

The governor is yet to provide assent for or forward to the President 21 bills passed by the state Assembly for several months. The ruling parties have condemned the inordinate delay from the governor’s office in providing assent to the bills. 


The Madras High Court has granted permission to the RSS to conduct rallies in 44 places across the state. The permission was granted despite the police objecting in the court on law and order issues. However, the organisation has called off the march and has decided to approach the Supreme Court for quashing the restrictions. 

The court denied permission for the rallies at six locations including Coimbatore, Pollachi and Nagercoil. The court also directed the organisation to hold rallies in closed premises like stadiums and grounds. The participants have been banned from carrying any weapons including lathis during the rallies. 

The court rejected the claims of the police regarding intelligence reports on the law and order matters in the aftermath of the Coimbatore blasts. 



The student and youth wings of the DMK have announced district level protests against the proposed recommendations of the Official Languages Committee. The party has already held protests, while seminars have also been planned.


The protest of the residents of Parandur and surrounding villages completed 100 days on November 3. The farmers and residents have claimed that there has been a loss of fertile lands and ancestral properties due to the airport works. 


Condemning the firing by the navy on the fishermen, the fishing community across the state will hold a protest on November 11. The firing of the navy in the Palk Bay injured 10 fishermen on October 21. 

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