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A Social History of Thumri

Interview with Vidya Rao |
Interviewed by Ishita Mehta
Produced by Indian Cultural Forum,
Thumri-dadra exponent Vidya Rao talks about the history and roots of Thumri as a genre; the themes of longing and desire in Thumri; its place within Hindustani classical music.

Vidya Rao is one of the leading exponents of the delicate style of thumri-dadra singing, and one of the few singers who combines the delicate shringar of thumri gayaki with the stark shoonyata of Kabir. She is also an accomplished writer and has written on various subjects such as feminism, music and spiritual traditions. Indian Cultural Forum spoke with her about the history and roots of Thumri as a genre; the themes of longing and desire in Thumri; its place within Hindustani classical music and more.

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