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Aijaz Ahmad : West Changes Stand from ‘Assad Must Go’ to ‘Assad Must Go but Not Now’

NewsClick interviewed Professor Aijaz Ahmad on the resolution passed by the United Nations, on Syrian peace. The country has been torn by wars since 2011. Aijaz feels that peace talks are nothing but a step back into the past. The same peace talks could have happened long back in 2012. He added that the U.N resolution was expected to be signed in February or March but bringing it early only reflects the worsening crisis. On the question of Bashar Al-Assad, Aijaz explains that the resolution is a repetition of the same stands that the US and its allies had regarding him, a year back. It’s just that the slogan has gone from ‘Assad Must Go’ to ‘Assad Must Go but Not Now’. On Saudi strikes in Yemen, he thinks that it is nothing else but an attempt to capture the territory and reassert itself in the region. Turkey’s stand on Russia was also discussed in the interview. Aijaz thinks that Turkey has failed miserably in both its motives; capturing territory and keeping check on the Kurds. Now their only desire is destruction of Russia.

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