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AIKS to Launch Nationwide Campaign to ‘Expose BJP Attacks’ in Tripura

The AIKS will show photo and video evidence of the attacks in villages nationwide.

The All India Kisan Sabha (AIKS) has expressed concern about the “barbaric attacks unleashed by the BJP and RSS” on farmers, AIKS members and the Opposition in Tripura post the recent Assembly election.

In a press conference held in New Delhi on Friday, Tripura AIKS president Pabitra Kar, AIKS general secretary Vijoo Krishnan and vice president Hannan Mollah said that several Left supporters, especially farmers, workers, small and middle traders, and the general public were “attacked soon after the election results on March 2 showed that the ruling-BJP was returning to power”.

The “attacks were vicious with BJP goons spreading terror at the directions of their masters”, the leaders alleged.

They intensified attacks on sources of livelihood by poisoning fish, setting fire to rubber plantations, uprooting seasonal vegetables, looting and arson in poultry farms, and burning cattle to death. Numerous houses and shops were burnt down. Hundreds of homeless and helpless people took shelter in nearby jungles or offices in Agartala.”

The AIKS further alleged that the “goons even set books on fire” when secondary and higher secondary examinations were underway. “Autorickshaws and small vehicles were ordered to go off the road and vehicles of people who defied the order were burnt.”

The AIKS also alleged that “BJP goons are extorting lakhs from Left-leaning families”. Besides, MGNREGA and Tripura Urban Employment Scheme workers have been “barred from employment” and “even rations are being denied to people opposed to the BJP”.

The request of Opposition leaders and democratic sections to the police and administration to stop the attacks was useless, the AIKS said.

State CPI(M) secretary and Assembly party leader Jitendra Chowdhury had met the chief minister and requested to bring back the rule of law in the state, but “no action has been taken against the miscreants of the ruling party,” the AIKS added.

The police have refused to register FIRs and are arresting victims or complainants on false charges instead of taking action against the perpetrators of the crimes.”

Moreover, a fact-finding team comprising different MPs which visited the state on March 10 was “attacked by BJP goons and not allowed to move in the affected areas freely. Their vehicles were attacked and damaged”.

The AIKS alleged that the “significant erosion of support base, both in the number of seats and vote percentage” was the cause of the attacks. “More than 60% of voters voted against the BJP. The ruling party got an advantage as the Opposition votes were divided by the regional Tipra Motha and the TMC in one seat. The BJP somehow managed to get the majority by benefiting on 24 seats. This is why the BJP is trying to leave no stone unturned in terrorising all democratic sections.”

It is estimated that “more than 7,000 families, including farmers, the working class, shopkeepers, AIKS members, and Left supporters were severely targeted by the BJP in the last month,” the AIKS alleged.

The AIKS provided a list of attacks allegedly carried out by the BJP:

  1. Five people have been killed so far—Dilip Shukla Das in Teliamura, Rabindra Das and Sunil Das in Udaipur, Sibu Rani Laskar in Teliamura and Apu Acharya in Jirania

  2. 630 injured

  3. 85 houses gutted and 65 partially burnt

  4. 96 shops gutted

  5. 1,647 houses vandalised and looted

  6. 211 rubber plantations in more than 1,000 acres burnt

  7. 286 vegetable gardens on around 500 acres destroyed

  8. 60 fish ponds poisoned

  9. 15 goats, 10 cows and 50 ducks and chicken burnt to death

  10. 216 families barred from availing ration

  11. 42 small vehicles damaged.

The AIKS will raise the attacks with the National Human Rights Commission, and a nationwide solidarity campaign with the people of Tripura will be launched on May 20 and continue till May 30.

We will show photo and video evidence of the attacks in villages across the country to expose the barbarian character of the BJP and RSS. AIKS will make all efforts to politically expose and isolate the forces perpetrating violence and stifling the democratic rights of people,” the AIKS said.

A team comprising AIKS representatives and a broad cross-section of organisations, activists and eminent personalities will visit the state on a date decided by the Tripura AIKS. The AIKS called upon democratic forces to rise up in solidarity with the people of Tripura.

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