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Artists Across the Globe Stand in Solidarity with Palestinian Resistance

Over 100 artists sign on to a letter condemning Israel and “to stand in solidarity with those resisting occupation and fighting for their right to self-determination”
Artist Kehlani is one of hundreds of signatories to a letter condemning Israeli genocide against Palestine (Photo: The Come Up Show)

Artist Kehlani is one of hundreds of signatories to a letter condemning Israeli genocide against Palestine (Photo: The Come Up Show)

Over 100 artists and cultural workers across the globe have signed onto a letter standing in solidarity with Palestinians resisting Israeli occupation. “As artists we have a unique responsibility to use our voice and artistic practices to protest apartheid and amplify the just cause of the Palestinian people and their resistance against occupation and oppression,” reads the text of the letter. “We commit to using our platforms to challenge at every turn the massive misinformation campaigns waged by those who have a vested interest in the destruction of the Palestinian land and people without fear of repercussions.”

Signatories include rockstar Roger Waters, R&B singer Kehlani, Black Panther artist Emory Douglas, poet Aja Monet, poet and writer Mohammed el-Kurd, rapper Lowkey, and journalist Abby Martin. 

Following the historic Palestinian resistance offensive on the morning of October 7, Israel has been waging a genocidal war against Gaza. On October 17, Israel bombed the Baptist hospital, killing over 500 Palestinians, all civilians. Israeli officials have released a serious of pro-genocide statements shortly before the hospital bombing, including a tweet by the Israeli Prime Minister which read calling Palestinians “children of darkness” operating by “the law of the jungle.”

Meanwhile, nations like Venezuela are providing aid to Palestine. President Nicolas Maduro coordinated a shipment of 30 tons of humanitarian aid to the besieged Gaza strip.

“Israel’s unrelenting blockade and bombardments reveal a chilling objective—to erase Gaza from the face of the earth. It is a genocide, plain and stark,” reads the artists’ statement. “The call now, for all people guided by truth and conscience, is to respond with unclouded moral clarity and unwavering principle. Justice can only be served by targeting the true source of violence: the zionist occupation of Palestine.”

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