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Assam: BJP Mahila Morcha Leader Accused of Exam Fraud

Following the allegations, the leader has been suspended from her post by the BJP.

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Rakhi Kundu, Vice-President of BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) Mahila Morcha in Dhubri district, has become embroiled in a scandal related to the High School Leaving Certificate (HSLC) examination. 

Rakhi Kundu, also known as Rakhi Das, is facing allegations of dual enrollment in two different schools and employing someone else to take the exams on her behalf.

The information came to light when Rakhi Kundu's brothers, Joybrata Kundu and Debabrata Kundu, wrote a letter to the Deputy Commissioner of Dhubri.

As per the allegations, she had registered for the HSLC examination at Motirchar Girls High School and Majarchar Katlamari High School. Official records indicate that she achieved a 46% score at Motirchar Girls High School, with roll number B-23 0170 No.0398. However, it has been discovered that she was absent from the examination centre at Majarchar Katlamari High School, where her roll number was B-23 0175 No.0619.

Contrarily, it has come to light that Rakhi Kundu did not attend the examinations at either of the schools she was registered in. Witnesses have reported seeing her present at numerous family events and political party gatherings during the designated exam period. Additionally, there are allegations that she was out of town for most of the examination period.

Moreover, the letter questions Rakhi Kundu's ability to write Hindi; the subject has been listed as her elective subject on her SEBA board pass certificate. The brothers proposed involving a forensic specialist to re-examine her exam papers, ensuring a comprehensive investigation.

Locals believe Rakhi Kundu's ties with the BJP Mahila Morcha might have helped her forge her examinations. 

Following the allegations, Rakhi Kundu has been suspended from her post by the BJP. In the suspension letter, the district president said that allegations against Rakhi Kundu had "damaged the image of the Party." 

The whole case has also raised serious questions about the integrity of the HSLC examination. 

If someone can cheat so brazenly, it raises questions about the security measures in place. The Board of Secondary Education will need to do a serious review of its security procedures", Joybrata Kundu said.

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