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BJP MP Showers Hate Slurs on BSP Muslim Colleague in Lok Sabha, Terms him ‘Terrorist’

Ramesh Bidhuri’s invectives against Danish Ali sparked widespread outrage and were expunged as Rajnath Singh expressed regret.
BJP MP Showers Hate Slurs on BSP Muslim Colleague in Lok Sabha, Terms him ‘Terrorist’

BJP MP Ramesh Bidhuri and Bahujan Samaj Party MP Danish Ali. Image Courtesy: PTI

BJP Lok Sabha member Ramesh Bidhuri triggered a furore on Thursday night by using anti-Muslim slurs against his fellow parliamentarian and BSP’s Danish Ali.

During a discussion on the success of Chandrayaan-3, Bidhuri referred to Ali as “militant, terrorist and pimp” (in Hindi) and demanded that the “mullah be thrown out of the House”, televised Lok Sabha proceedings showed. The words were later expunged.

Acting Speaker and Congress leader Kodikunnal Suresh, who asked angry MPs to sit down, later said that he had instructed officials to ensure that Bidhuri’s comments were expunged from the records.

Bidhuri’s abuses prompted angry reactions from the Opposition, especially the Congress, which demanded his suspension. The BJP, according to sources quoted by PTI, has issued a show-cause notice to its Delhi MP for use of ‘objectionable’ words against Ali.

Speaker Om Birla warned the South Delhi MP and expunged his remarks from the records. Taking “serious note” of his remarks, Birla warned Bidhuri of “strict action” if such behaviour is repeated, officials told PTI.

Defence minister and Lok Sabha deputy leader Rajnath Singh expressed regret“I express regret if the opposition is hurt by the remarks made by the member,” he said, but Congress termed it an “eyewash”.

Birla warned Bidhuri and expunged his comments after Ali approached the Speaker after 10 pm in the Lok Sabha during the Rajya Sabha debate over the women’s reservation Bill, The Indian Express reported.

Ali, a Bahujan Samaj Party MP from Uttar Pradesh’ Amroha, told Indian Express that Bidhuri said that “some people wanted Prime Minister Modi to die like a dog”.

When Ali “intervened and asked him what he was saying and that no one said that about the honourable Prime Minister”, Bidhuri “called me names which included ‘terrorist’. I want to ask RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat-ji, what is taught in their shakhas (branches)? Is this what they learn in Prime Minister Modi-ji’s pathshala”?

In a letter addressed to Birla, Ali wrote: “I write to you with deep anguish regarding the speech given in the Lok Sabha by an MP of the BJP, Mr Ramesh Bidhuri … During the course of his speech, he directed the foulest, abusive invectives against me, which are part of the records of the Lok Sabha.”

The letter read: “Among the words he directed against me were ‘Bhadwa’ (pimp), ‘Katwa’ (circumcised one), ‘Mullah ugravadi’ (Muslim extremist), ‘atankvadi’ (terrorist), etc…”

Terming the incident “most unfortunate” he wrote: “The fact that it has happened in a new Parliament building under your  leadership as Speaker is truly heartbreaking for me as a minority member of this great nation and an elected member of Parliament as well.”

Requesting the Speaker to take “cognisance of this foul conduct on the floor of the House and take appropriate action”, Ali also asked that the matter be referred to the Lok Sabha’s Privileges Committee for prompt action.

Bidhuri refused to comment when contacted by the newspaper.

A livid Opposition slammed the BJP and  demanded immediate action against Bidhuri. Parties such Congress and CPI(M) also demanded his suspension and even arrest.

BJP MP @rameshbidhuri calling MP Danish Ali a “Bharwa” (pimp), “Katwa” (circumcised), “Mullah Atankwadi” & “Mullah Ugrawadi” ON RECORD in  Lok Sabha last night. Keeper of Maryada @ombirlakota Vishwaguru @narendramodi & BJP Prez  @JPNadda along with GodiMedia-any action please?” Trinamool Congress Lok Sabha member Mahua Moitra tweeted attaching a video clip of Bidhuri’s speech.

Alleging that “abusing Muslims, OBCs [is] an integral part of BJP culture” and “most [people] now see nothing wrong with it”, she further posted on X: “@narendramod has reduced Indian Muslims to living in such a state of fear in their own land that they grin & bear everything. Sorry but I’m calling this out. Ma Kali holds my spine.”

Moitra also slammed Birla and called him out for not taking strict action against Bidhuri. “Maryadapurush @ombirlakota - feel free initiate a privilege motion against me for calling you out. Will be happy to face any committees. But am asking you here and now- what action are you taking against @rameshbidhuri?”

In a sarcastic tweet, she termed the Speaker’s warning to Bidhuri “shameful” and questioned his impartiality.

Congress Rajya Sabha member Jairam Ramesh termed Singh’s apology an “eyewash”. “[It is a] complete shame what Bhiduri said. Rajnath Singh’s apology is not acceptable. It was a half-hearted apology… an eyewash,” he told reporters.

Demanding Bidhuri’s suspension and strictest punishment against him, he said, “What Ramesh Bidhuri said about Danish Ali is highly condemnable. The more it is criticised, the less it is. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh has apologised but that is insufficient.”

Terming Bidhuri’s language “an insult to not only Danish Ali but all of us”, Ramesh said, “The beginning of the new Parliament has been done by Bidhuri and his words. This shows the intentions of BJP. What Bidhuri is saying is BJP’s intention.”

National Conference leader Omar Abdullah told ANI that Bidhuri’s language shows what the BJP “thinks about Muslims and the party “should be ashamed”.

“If he has only said ‘terrorist’, we are habitual to hearing it ... Those words were used against the whole Muslim community. I can’t understand how can Muslims associated with the BJP tolerate this?”

RJD Rajya Sabha member Manoj Jha said that he was “saddened but not surprised”.

“This is the truth of PM’s ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’. We need to think that if such words were used for an MP in Parliament, what kind of words against Muslims and Dalits are being legitimised?” Jha told ANI

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