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Cartoon Click: Challenges for Democracy? None Since 2014!

Irfan |
Now, NCERT removes some chapters, including challenges before democracy, from class 10th books.
Cartoon Click: Challenges for Democracy? None Since 2014!

Periodic challenges before literature, history, mathematics, science and social science are being overcome. No, not for the benefit of school children, but in keeping with the government’s interests. Children will now neither read all this nor challenge the government – clearing the pathway for India under BJP to become a ‘Vishwaguru’.

And who else, but NCERT is clearing this pathway – by removing chapter after chapter from textbooks of certain higher classes, be it on Darwin’s evolution theory, periodic tables, Mughal history, Ambedkar’s teachings, and now on ‘Challenges Before Democracy’, as per medis reports. The reason being given – downsizing of syllabi to ‘lessen the burden’ on children due to the years lost because of Covid-19.

Now, isn’t that an attempt to push the Sangh parivar’s agenda and keep impressionable children away from anything scientific and democratic?

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