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Cartoon Click: Declared Versus Undeclared Emergency!

Irfan |
Why Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s comment in Mann Ki Baat on Emergency and loss of freedom sounded ludicrous.
Cartoon Click: Declared Versus Undeclared Emergency!

Today, when hatred is raising its head. Inflation and unemployment are at peak. Dissent has come to be called treason. Today, instead of censoring the media, it has been converted into Godi media…then which Emergency would you like to remember…a declared Emergency or an undeclared one?

June 25, 1975 was the day when the Indira Gandhi government declared a countrywide Emergency. On Sunday, June 18, Prime Minister Narendra Modi recalled the Emergency in his Mann Ki Baat broadcast on radio, and declared that India is the “mother of democracy”.

Yes, the Emergency was a dark period (19 months) in India’s history. It was opposed and resisted by lakhs of people with all their might.

Today, when we celebrate the ‘nectar of freedom’, we should also look at where democracy stands in the past 10 years till today – for dissenters and activists who are incarcerated, for the media, for the right to love, eat and live for ordinary people, especially the young generation.

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