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Caste is India’s Achilles’ Heel that Must be Confronted: Paul Divakar

Interview with Paul Divakar |
“We are at a crossroads, 2016 has seen a historic movement for the Dalit Struggle”, says Paul Divakar

Paul Divakar, founder of the National Campaign for Dalit Human Rights (NCDHR) speaks to Teesta Setalvad. Co-editor, Communalism Combat, in this interview that is a joint production of Communalism Combat and Newsclick

"We are at [a] crossroads, 2016 has [seen] a historic movement for the Dalit Struggle. Indian politics of the Liberals and Left needs to examine where and how it ignored the de-humanising aspects of caste when it comes to labour relations. The struggle for the rights and dignity of Dalits is a struggle for the humanising of all of society. The language of caste abuse for Dalits involved in demeaning occupations is not simply demeaning but it is abuse at the very worst levels. All Indians must realise that Dalits are forced into menial occupations, scavenging & skinning of animals, there coercion by caste, it is not occupations by choice. The hardest of agricultural labour, grave digging, manual scavenging, cleaning of sewers, are all demeaning occupations that are forced onto Dalits. So, on the one hand, Dalits are forced into occupations that are demeaning, then you say they are unclean." : Paul Divakar

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