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Coronavirus Shadow Looms Large Over Tokyo Olympics; Sports Business Goes On As Usual in India

Coronavirus crisis (Covid-19) has already forced many sporting events to cancel and the Tokyo Olympics organisers have got their fingers crossed. However, a lack of acknowledgement of the crisis means our athletes face risks that they should not be taking.

The Coronavirus outbreak (Covid-19) has impacted all spheres of life across the globe. Sport is no exception. Multiple sporting events have been cancelled over the past month. Football clubs across the globe are cancelling their leagues or considering holding games behind closed doors. While all this is underway, the possiblity that the Tokyo Games could be cancelled looms large. In India though, things continue as usual. A lack of acknowledgement of the crisis and duplicity in handling it means our athletes face risks that they should not be taking. Newsclick sports journalists Vaibhav Raghunandan and Leslie Xavier joins sports medicine specialist Dr. Rajat Chauhan to discuss the looming serious health hazard. 

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