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COVID-19 Cases: Data and Graphs of India and the World

The total confirmed Covid-19 cases in India reached 1,05,95,660 on Wednesday. Accounting for about two percent of the new cases recorded globally, in India 13,823 new cases were reported in the past 24 hours. The total number of Covid-19 deaths have risen to 1,52,718 with 162 deaths reported in the past 24 hours. The number of patients who have recovered since yesterday is 16,988 and the total active cases in the country at present stand at 1,97,201.

COVID-19 Infections and Deaths : India

In the chart below is shown the progress of the pandemic from when each state reached its first 100 cases. Maharashtra and Kerala were the two states that had their first 100 cases on the calendar day March 25. That is considered day 0. The number of days each state is behind Maharashtra is mentioned in the table below.

Similarly, for new deaths, it is consider day 0 when the state reached 2 cases per day. Maharashtra (day 0) reached it on April 2, 2020.

The Charts below trace the movement in the number of Confirmed Covid-19 cases and the number of Tests conducted in each of the select States. Here, the trend has been shown on a weekly basis - weekly cases and weekly tests. The data is given for the select States for the last 22 weeks only. At present, the data is given for the top 11 States in terms of highest number of confirmed cases across States.

The graphs below show the statistics for selected cities. We have adjusted starting point of the cities to a common zero day when each of them crossed the 100 mark for total infected and 10 new cases per day. Mumbai has surpassed this point on 28 March 2020. For total deaths and new deaths, we have taken the starting point to be when they have reported 5 deaths per day and 1 new death per day respectively. For total deaths, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad will be added as we gather the data.

The set of maps below shows statistics for all the States in India.

The set of maps below shows district level statistics for all the districts in India. However, for six States/UTs - Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Assam, Goa, Manipur, Sikkim and Telangana, the district wise data taken from government sources has some discrepancies. For instance, for Active Cases in a particular State, the separate district-wise data does not add up to the figure provided for the entire State. The discrepancies in the data for these six States/UTs may be present in categories - Active Cases, Total Deaths, New cases, and New Deaths. We are showing all the available data and request the readers to exercise caution while studying/interpreting the data for these six States/UTs under these four categories. The data for Total Cases has no such discrepancy. Also, the district-wise data for Delhi is not given and in the Map all seven districts show the data for the NCT of Delhi as a whole.

COVID-19 Infections and Deaths: Global

The graph below show the progress of the disease in a country once the number of total infected persons crosses the 100 mark. Since the epidemic started in different countries at different times, it is difficult to compare them. We have adjusted the starting point of a country to a common zero day when each of them crossed the 100 mark for total infected. In this group of countries, as Italy started before others, it has been given the starting date of 0, which in calendar terms was 23rd February. The table below the chart shows how many days behind Italy they are. In the charts for total deaths 7-day moving average of new infections, instead of 100 mark for infected, 10 for deaths and new infected have been used as the benchmark.

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