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#StudentsChaloDilli: Thousands of Students Throng the Capital, Lambast Modi Government

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The students' march, which started from Ramleela Maidan in New Delhi, was held to protest against the continuous and systemic attacks of the Modi Government on education.
Various Student organisations including SFI, AIDSO, PSU, AISB, & AISF have began their march to the Parliament in New Delhi, against the continuous systemic attacks by the Modi government on higher education and its anti-student policies.

Various student organisations including SFI, AIDSO, PSU, AISB, & AISF will march to the Parliament in Delhi today, against the continuous systemic attacks by the Modi government on higher education and its anti-student policies.

The #StudentsChaloDilli March, which began from the Ramleela Maidan with students declaring halla bol (an attack) on the Modi government and its anti-student policies, witnessed thousands of students from across the country march on the streets of the national capital. The march concluded at the Parliament Street, where students presented their 8-point charter of demands, including a free Common Education System for all from KG to PG, 10% of budget allocation for education, implementation of reservation, safety and security of women, etc. 

Several student organisations including the Students' Federation of India (SFI), All India Democratic Students Organisation (AIDSO), Progressive Students’ Union (PSU), All India Students Bloc (AISB), and All India Students Federation (AISF) have joined the protest march, with the slogan “Save Education, Save Democracy, Save Nation”.

The march began from the Ramleela Maidan at 11:00 AM.

With this, we conclude our live reporting of the students' march. 

Live blog

"Where are ache din for youth?"

Students from across India congregating at the Ram Leela grounds, gearing up for the #StudentsChalloDilli March to start. Wearing black masks, they are questioning the Narendra Modi government where are "ache din" for youth?Students Across India come together to participate in the parliament march against the anti-student policies pursued by Narendra Modi Government

Act to guarantee employment and crackdown on privatisation of universities

Students are uniting from across states of Kerala, Haryana, Punjab, Uttrakhand and Bengal. Speaking to NewsClick, Vicky Mahesari from Punjab said, "Time and again the youth are forced to  come out to the streets because this government has failed on every front to effectively serve the youth. We are leading a revolution on the ground. Our main demands include an act to guarantee employment and crackdown on privatisation of universities."

Youth Issues Need to Be Made an Electoral Agenda

Nivedita from Uttrakhand said, "The government is spending only a meagre amount on our universities and for our future. But the issues of youth need to be made an electoral agenda, which is why all of us are here today."

Nivedita from Uttarkhand Speaks to NewsClick

Students Demand Freedom from Anti-student Policies of BJP Government

Students Call for Inquilab, Demand End to Oppression

As the #StudentsDilliMarch commences, the protesters continue raising slogans like 'Jab laal laal leherayega, tab hosh thikane aayega (The red flag will end their slumber), 'Punjiwad ho barbaad (Death to capitalism)', 'Jab jab julmi julm karega satta ke hathiyaron se, chappa chappa goonj uthega inquilab ke naron se (Whenever the oppressors will use the tool of power to oppress, slogans of inquilab will echo in each and every bylane)'.

Students Express Anger Against Witch Hunt and Attacks on Muslim, Dalit and Women Students

Campuses Unsafe for Women, Sexual Harassers Enjoy Impunity

Ruchira Gupta from Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh says, "Women students have been suffering enormously under this government. Accessing higher education is already a hurdle, but the situation is aggravated as there is a concern for our safety even within our campuses, while sexual harassers are enjoying impunity."

Ruchira Gupta from Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh

Demand for Bhagat Singh National Employment Guarantee Act

With the unemployment rate in the country reaching four decades-high, students are demanding a national employment guarantee act to ensure jobs for all.Bhagat Singh National Employment Guarantee Act

Multiple protests against Modi government flood Jantar Mantar

Our reporter at the students march tells us that the Parliament street and Jantar Mantar (where the Indian Railways employees have begun their agitation) are completely occupied by the protesters. 

Slogans raised against Modi Government's lackdaisical attitude towards students' issues

Chargesheet to Modi Government

Students submit a chargesheet along with their charter of demands to the Modi government at the Parliament Street. The eight point charter of demands include a central Common Education System ensuring free education for all, 10% of budget to be allocated for education, implementation of reservation, etc. Students submit an eight point charter of demands to Narendra Modi Government

Students' Organisations Unite at Parliament Street

Students' organisations unite, as they gather at the Parliament Street to voice their issues, and to protest against the privatisation of higher education.Student-organisations-protest-against-narendra-modi-government.jpeg

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