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Eat Your Words: The Sweeter Way to Bring About the Change!

Anand Mangnale |
Since sorry has become just another word, it is necessary to make people think about the consequences their words might have on the common people.
Eat Your Words: The Sweeter Way to Bring About the Change!

Words have the power to strike where it hurts the most. And in cases of some celebrities and leaders, where it insults and disgusts the most. One after the other, leaders and their extended family members have spoken various illogical words and no one has taken any steps towards putting an end to this.

Hence, The Logical Indian, a media website, has launched a new campaign called ‘Eat Your Words’,which is turning the bitter or rather horrible statements of celebrities and leaders into sweet treats and sending it to them, so that they can literally ‘eat their words’.

" Eat Your Words, a novel social movement in which offending words are turned into designer cookies. These are then packaged and to the very people in power to whom the words belong; a message from every logical Indian who want those words retracted," said the Logical Indian's website.

The campaign is a new, innovative, and sweet way to try and make people think about the weight their words carry and the effects they could have on the broader discourse. For instance, when Congress’ Haryana Committee’s member says 90% of the rape cases are consensual, you wonder which dictionary he is using, so you can actually burn all copies of it. Or when the BJP minister from Rajasthan tried to declare India's National bird Peacock an eternal celibate.

On the surface, these statements seem harmless gibberish which should warrant nothing but pitiful laughter. But sadly, these statements make a mark on common people’s thought process.

Since sorry has become just another word, the website, through this initiative, wants to make apologies "a little more accessible by replacing the gravitas of the act with a touch of humour". All the recipient of the cookie has to do, is to upload a picture of them eating the cookie on social media, so that everybody knows that they are willing to take back the ridiculous statement they had made earlier.

These 'Eat Your Words cookies' have already been sent to Salman Khan for his statement that normalises rape, to Sunil Pal for making homophobic statements, Abhijeet Bhattacharya for insulting the economically weaker, Paresh Rawal for suggesting that Arundhati Roy be tied to a jeep and driven around.



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