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Gurgaon: 40-ft Crack in NHAI's IFFCO Chowk Flyover; Repairs Underway

The flyover, which cost Rs 40 crore, was inaugurated in 2019.
The flyover, which cost Rs 40 crore, was inaugurated in 2019.

Image Courtesy:  Wikimedia Commons

New Delhi: The IFFCO Chowk parallel flyover, a project by the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI), is grappling with a serious safety issue. According to various news reports, the expansion joint has developed a 40-ft-long and approximately 5-inch-wide crack, raising concerns about commuter safety.

The flyover, which cost Rs 40 crore, was inaugurated in 2019. NHAI has prioritised the matter, initiating immediate repairs. Barriers have been installed, and the NHAI is procuring materials to seal the expansion joint.

According to a report published in The Tribune, commuters, particularly two-wheeler riders, have reported difficulties maintaining balance, even at speeds as low as 40 km per hour.

"The commuters, primarily two-wheelers, had reported the crack, which was affecting their balance even at a speed of 40 km per hour," an NHAI spokesperson told The Tribune.

The IFFCO Chowk parallel flyover is a key route for commuters from MG Road and the service lane of the Delhi-Gurugram Expressway, directing them towards Signature Tower Crossing or Rajiv Chowk.

This 84-meter flyover has faced challenges since becoming operational. In August 2021, a retaining wall collapsed due to damage from heavy rain. After repairs, the flyover was reopened.

The flyover is part of a broader NHAI project to alleviate traffic congestion on the Delhi-Gurugram Expressway through the construction of underpasses and flyovers along IFFCO Chowk, Signature Tower Crossing, and Rajiv Chowk.

NHAI has blocked off the damaged section and sought expert advice for repairing the expansion joint, restricting traffic to two lanes on the affected stretch. "We have barricaded the stretch to prevent any untoward incident and are seeking expert advice to get the portion properly repaired," Mohammad Safi, regional officer of Delhi NHAI, told The Hindustan Times.

Officials estimate that the repair work will take approximately one week, following recommendations from an expert committee being formed by NHAI headquarters. Despite repairs conducted on Monday, the cracks on the expansion joint reopened due to high-speed traffic movement. NHAI assures the public that the repair process will adhere to the recommendations of the forthcoming expert committee.

NHAI acknowledges the gravity of the situation and assures the public that prompt and efficient measures are being taken to address the issue.

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