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HP: Protest Erupts in Shimla as SEHB Society Demands Pay Hike and Regularisation

Shimla MC has been accused of resorting to tactics that contravene labour laws, posing financial and mental challenges to workers and supervisors.


Image courtesy: The Tribune

New Delhi: Members of the Shimla Environment, Heritage Conservation and Beautification (SEHB) Society took to the streets on Thursday, staging a fervent protest in front of the Deputy Commissioner's (DC) office and the Shimla Municipal Corporation (MC) office. The demonstration aimed to draw attention to their longstanding demands, prominently featuring issues related to a pay hike in line with the 7th Pay Commission and the urgent need for regularisation of their services.

According to a report published in The Tribune, the protesters, vocal and resolute, raised slogans against both the Shimla MC and the state government, emphasising their discontent and dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs. Amidst the clamour, Vijendra Mehra, the state president of the union, expressed the frustration that has fueled their protest.

"We have been holding protests over the non-fulfilment of our demands, but the MC has been turning a blind eye," lamented Mehra. "This indifferent approach of the Shimla MC officials and the state government won’t be tolerated for long, and we have started preparations to go on strike now."

Highlighting the financial and mental challenges faced by the workers and supervisors, Mehra accused the Shimla MC of resorting to tactics that contravene labour laws. "The SMC withholds the salaries of the workers and the supervisors every month, which is a clear violation of the Payment of Wages Act, 1936," he asserted.

Mehra further stressed the determination of the union members to persist in their demands, stating, "MC officials want to suppress our voice to stop us from demanding the fulfilment of the 32-point demand charter, but we won’t give in."

Calling for the regularisation of workers' services and a monthly wage increase to Rs 26,000 in accordance with the 7th Pay Commission recommendations, Mehra outlined the union's broader demands. "We also want payment for extra work and 39 leaves every year," he declared.

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