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ICC Removes MS Dhoni's Gloves; Indian Cricket's Bowling Swag at World Cup (5.75 Ounces Ep. 2)

In this episode, the 5.75 Ounces team discusses the controversy that erupted after Indian cricket team's MS Dhoni wore gloves carrying an armed forces insignia in the ICC World Cup match against South Africa.

MS Dhoni wears gloves with military insignia on it during Indian cricket team's ICC World Cup match against South Africa. The International Cricket Council (ICC) reprimands him. Twitter erupts in anger. News-cycle outrage follows. A simple sequence of events that should've been settled in two steps has now consumed two days worth of debate before India's second game against the defending champions Australia. The 5.75 Ounces team gets in for a piece of the action .We discuss the symbolism behind Dhoni's gesture, the rules behind the ICC's reprimand and the absurdity in BCCI's appeal. Also, do India have the best bowling attack in One Day cricket? 

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