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India vs Pakistan: The Match and the #BlackLivesMatter Game

Playthings Episode 3: Pakistan beat India at the ICC T20 World Cup | Indian U-23 men's football side beat Oman 2-1 in the Asian Under-23 Championship qualifiers | Australian Open tennis tournament's U-turn on vaccination policy.

Indian cricket team was beaten soundly by a clinical Pakistan in their opening match of the ICC T20 World Cup in Dubai on Oct. 24. The match began with the Indian players taking a knee in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. In this episode, Playthings co-hosts Siddhanth Aney and Leslie Xavier speak about the symbolism attempted through the gesture and why it comes across hollow. They also elaborate on the Indian U-23 mean's football team's big win over Oman in the Asian qualifiers, and shed light on the powers at play behind the possible u-turn of the Australian Open tennis organisers on their player vaccine policy.

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