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Mangalore Defeats RSS Disruption of the Communal- Harmony March

While the RSS attempted to stop the Rally, there were people who extended their support to the rally.
Mahadeva Solidarity Text

Mahadeva Solidarity Text

The RSS and its affiliates had opposed the recent Karavali Souharda Rally (Communal Harmony Rally) in Mangaluru, threatening violence.  CPI(M)’s Mangaluru office was burned by RSS activists on 23rd February, 2017. The miscreants torched the CPI(M) office in an attempt to stop the rally. The RSS was opposed to Kerala CM, Pinarayi Vijayan’s participation in rally.

Despite these attacks and attempt to sabotage, Vijayan addressed the huge gathering. The text of the speech is available on Newsclick.

While the RSS attempted to stop the Communal-Harmony Rally, there were people who extended their support to the rally. Ganesh Devy, a former Professor of English at the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, renowned literary critic and an activist, and the famous Kannada writer Devanuru Mahadeva wrote in solidarity among others.

Ganesh Devy said, “It is in this city of Mangalore that for many years now a Communal-Harmony Rally gets organized by a social-activist- (and non-party)-platform created for the objective. This year, the rally will take place tomorrow, the 25th February. It is expected to be of a proportion that will get the pro-polarization sects genuinely worried.”

He further added “The rally is being supported by all sensible organizations-- political or non-political--, but it is being dubbed as a 'left rally' just because from across the border Pinarayi VIjayan, the Kerala CM, will go to Mangalore to address the rally.

When I say, sensible organizations, let me give a concrete example. This is of Davanoor Mahadeva, one of India's greatest writers of the last half-century…He is one of those who returned the Padmashri last year. He is one of those who will be in Mangalore tomorrow (the 25th February), in front of the pro-harmony rally.

I write to all my Dakshinayan colleagues outside Karnataka to please keep an eye and an ear open for the Mangalore developments tomorrow.

The news of what happened at the Rajmas is still in one's memory. Mangalore, tomorrow, can the Rajmas of the South.

Already a huge number of people from Karnataka have expressed their support to the Rally…”

Devanuru Mahadeva had extended his support to the Rally and sent this message:

“Pinarayi Vijayan, Kerala’s Chief Minister, is coming to Mangalore for a rally on Harmony. 

Any person coming from any corner of the world for the cause of Harmony should be welcomed. Even if the person happens to be from another planet, we need to welcome that person. 

I have learnt that Vishwa Hindu Parishat, Hindu Jagarana Vedike, Sri Rama Sene and such other organisations are opposing the rally.  Does that mean that they are against Harmony? Do they feed on hate?  It is time that we the common people ask them these questions.

I request people of all religion, caste and class to support this rally.  It is the need of the hour to shun hatred, intolerance and promote harmony and tolerance.

It is time we celebrate Pinarayi Vijayan as a Chief Minister from one of the most backward classes. 

I have also learnt that the CPIM office in Tokkottu, Mangalore has been torched by miscreants.  I urge everyone to oppose this.  I appeal to the CPI(M) cadres to set a model by showing utmost restraint and not resorting to any violent reactions.”

This is not the first time that the RSS had tried to stop the Kerala CM. They had also opposed Vijayan’s address in Bhopal. Since the Madhya Pradesh government connived with the RSS and refused to provide security for him, the visit had to be cancelled.

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