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Manipur: Tensions Rise Over Alleged Unbalanced Police Transfers

ITLF has appealed to the Union Home Minister Amit Shah for urgent intervention to halt the "discriminatory" order by the Manipur government.
Manipur: Tensions Rise Over Alleged Unbalanced Police Transfers

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New Delhi: In a recent development in Manipur, the Indigenous Tribal Liberation Front (ITLF) has raised concerns over the transfer of police personnel, highlighting what they perceive as an imbalance in the distribution of transfers among different ethnic communities in the region.

A report published in The Telegraph stated that an ITLF member alleged that out of the 220 police personnel transferred, 110 are from the Kuki-Zo communities, while the rest are from Meitei, Naga, and Pangal (Muslim) communities. Notably, the ITLF member claimed that there had been no transfers of Meitei cops to Kuki-Zo majority districts, sparking controversy over the equitable distribution of transfers.

The ITLF has appealed to the Union Home Minister Amit Shah for urgent intervention to halt the "discriminatory" order by the Manipur government. This order involves transferring 110 Kuki-Zo police personnel to Meitei-dominated valley districts amidst ongoing security concerns.

“We, therefore, humbly request your office to immediately intervene to stop this discriminatory order before disciplinary action is taken against Kuki-Zo tribal police personnel,” the ITLF told The Telegraph. 

Elaborating on their objections, the ITLF emphasised the violent upheaval in Manipur since May 3, 2023, which they argue has led to a significant demographic shift along ethnic lines. They asserted that numerous Kuki-Zo tribals faced harrowing experiences, narrowly escaping lynching by mobs in areas such as Imphal and its adjoining valleys. The ITLF alleged that militant Meitei groups, including Arambai Tenggol and Meitei Leepun, orchestrated these attacks.

Furthermore, the ITLF claimed that the security of tribal police personnel, including those belonging to the Kuki-Zo community, remains precarious. 

The Kuki-Zo organisation referenced an incident involving three tribal security personnel who were ambushed by a Meitei mob in Moirang while attempting to report for duty. They were subjected to severe beatings before being rescued by central security forces. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the perilous conditions confronting the Kuki-Zo community. However, the specific date of the incident was not disclosed.

"It requires them to travel to Meitei districts and, if they survive the journey, be stationed with mostly Meitei police personnel. In other words, this is a death sentence as the government cannot guarantee their safety,” the ITLF claimed.

Attempts to obtain a response from the police were unsuccessful. However, a security official closely monitoring the situation in Manipur, refraining from addressing the ITLF representation directly, emphasised that transfer posting is a routine administrative procedure that must be respected.

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