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New Military Agreements with US: India Becoming a Subordinate Ally

The proposed logistics support agreement between India and the US after a gap of 12 years of talks has been heralded as a sign of strengthening defense ties between the countries. The United States has emerged as India's top arms source after years of dominance by Russia, and holds more joint exercises with it than any other country. It is feared that the logistics agreement would draw India into a binding commitment to support the United States in war. However, Prime Minister Narendra Modi's administration has signaled a desire to move ahead with the Logistics Support Agreement (LSA), despite the evident threats it holds.

Concerns also linger over the proposed communications agreement, with some branches of the military including the air force fearing it would allow the US to access their communications network. D. Raghunandan caught up with Atul Bhardwaj of Institute of Chinese Studies to unwrap the mystery around these agreement and what does it mean for Indian security forces. Excerpts from the interview.


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