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One Month of Israel’s Genocidal Bombing of Gaza

Israel’s war on Gaza completed a month on Monday without any prospect of an early end as Israel ignores repeated calls for a ceasefire.
Gaza after bombing. Photo: Al Quds News

Gaza after bombing. Photo: Al Quds News

Israeli warplanes continued their indiscriminate bombing on the 32nd day of its war in the Palestinian territory of Gaza on Tuesday, November 7 killing hundreds of more civilians and destroying infrastructure such as residential buildings, hospitals, schools among others.

The now over a month-long Israeli aggression in densely populated Palestinian territory has exacerbated the humanitarian situation with over 10,000 killed, over 25,000 injured and nearly 70% of its population displaced and forced to live in overcrowded shelters.

Meanwhile, the occupation has also been carrying out ground invasions inside Gaza for over a week now. A large number of casualties were reported there with the heavily armed occupation forces facing intensive resistance from the Palestinians.

Confirming the speculation that Israel wants to take control of Gaza on the line of occupied West Bank Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed on Tuesday that his country is looking to run the strip for an indefinite period post the war.

According to the Palestinian officials and UNRWA in Gaza more than 70% of the population has been forced to be displaced due to Israeli bombings in the residential areas and civil infrastructure.

Worsening humanitarian situation in Gaza

Speaking to the press on Monday, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres repeated the call for an urgent humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza. He called the war in Gaza “a crisis of humanity.”

Guterres noted that the overall humanitarian situation is becoming worse every day with “hundreds of girls and boys are killed every day” in Israeli bombings which is making Gaza “a graveyard for children.”

According to Palestinian authorities, over 4,000 Palestinian children have been killed in the Israeli bombings in Gaza since October 7 with more than 40% of all killed are children. This means every hour at least six Palestinian children and five women are killed in Israeli bombings.

Guterres also noted that there is a growing scarcity of essential commodities for millions of Palestinians in Gaza due to the blockade imposed by Israel on the territory since October 9.

Guterres underlined that, before the war, everyday at least 500 trucks used to go to Gaza with essential supplies, but in the last four weeks of the war a total of only 400 trucks have been allowed. He added that Israel has not allowed the delivery of fuel to the Palestinian region. This has forced a large number of hospitals to shut operations with more on the verge of doing due to the lack of electricity.

Palestinian Red Crescent announced on Tuesday that due to the lack of fuel Al-Quds and Al-Awda hospitals are on the verge of shutting down in the next 24 hours. Together these hospitals are sheltering and treating thousands of Palestinians.

“Without fuel, newborn babies in incubators and patients on life support will die,” Guterres said.

Due to the lack of electricity most of the civilian amenities such as supply of drinking water, sewage cleaning and delivery of aid are hampered forcing a large number of people to live in unhygienic conditions.

Attacks in West Bank

The Israeli Occupation Forces have not limited their aggression inside Gaza and have increased attacks inside the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem since October 7.

On Tuesday, the Israeli occupation forces killed at least two Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and injured over a dozen of them. They raided Palestinian residential areas in Tulkarm and injured at least six people.

The total number of Palestinians killed in attacks by the Israeli occupation in the West Bank and East Jerusalem has crossed 164 with over 2,000 injured.

Israeli occupation forces also arrested 56 Palestinians on Tuesday which took the total number of Palestinians arrested in the West Bank since October 7 to over 2,200.

Israel refuses to listen, continues its genocide

Even after the publication of Guterres’ appeal, Israeli war planes targeted solar panels at Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza used as alternative sources of electricity. This confirms the claims made by the Palestinians that Israel deliberately targets civilian infrastructure to force people out of the territory.

According to the reports, Israel gave another ultimatum asking for the complete evacuation of Rantisi Children’s hospital also known as Indonesian Hospital in Gaza on Tuesday.

Israel has justified its bombings of hospitals by alleging that they are used by Palestinian resistance groups to launch attacks. These claims have been refuted by the staff and local people who are now facing the complete shut down of operations as fuel dwindles down.

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