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Poster Women: Voices Against Violence

ICF Team |
In 2006, Zubaan began a new and fascinating project: Poster Women, a visual mapping of the women’s movement in India through the posters the movement had produced.
Poster Women: Voices against violence

In 2006, Zubaan began a new and fascinating project: Poster Women, a visual mapping of the women’s movement in India through the posters the movement had produced. The idea was to ask what the history of the movement would look like through its posters and the visual images it had used, the various campaigns that the movement has engaged with and the forms these campaigns have taken over a period of time.

Over the next few weeks, the Indian Cultural Forum will be sharing some of the posters thematically organised by Zubaan and archived in the hope that it will serve not only women’s groups, feminist activists and other involved with the women’s movement in India, but will also be useful for students and researchers in the field of women’s studies, visual culture, arts and aesthetics and anyone who loves posters!

This is the second post in the series followed by Poster women: A statement of strength.

violence against women is a silent war


Source: Vimochana
Location: Bangalore, Karnataka
Language: English
Concept: Bharathy Y.
Printer: W.Q. Judge Press
Other Details: Portrait, black and white, paper
Description: Every year Vimochana launches a poster for women’s day, which is called March 8th poster as a celebration of international Woman’s day.

world march of women in 2000-poster 3


voices against violence 



Source: Women’s Studies Research Centre
Location: Vadodara, Gujarat
Language: English

let the fire spread


Source: Visthar
Location: Bangalore, Karnataka
Year: 1991
Language: English
Artist: C.F.John, Mercy Kappen
Actual Medium: Lithope print-used for local theatres. The image was sketched on a plate and then printed
Other details: Demi size: 22 inches, portrait, colour
Description: The idea behind the poster was to portray the awakening of society due to the active role of women. The theme for the year’s Women’s Day was chosen. After discussions, the caption for the theme was determined. The image was then painted to compliment the caption. The image depicts the active side of women through the Durga’s open eyed look. The flame like hair represents dynamism of a woman to consume and purify the society. The representation of the dynamic nature of women was greatly debated as flames could also depict destruction.

world march of women in 2000-poster 5


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