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Prabhat Patnaik: WTO Conference Will Set the Agenda of Imperialism

Civil society groups such as Forum against Free Trade Agreements and the National Working Group on Patent Laws convened a National Convention in defence of people's rights. This convention was held on December 8th, 2015 in New Delhi ahead of WTO's 10th Ministerial Conference in Nairobi. Prabhat Patnaik while speaking in the Convention said that the WTO itself is a platform for the developed countries to appropriate the wealth from the third world countries in an imperialist way. The question on food security, the agrarian crisis, the corporate acquisition of land are part of this process. Patnaik underlined that the finance capital is trying to control the land in a country like India with the means of globalisation. The metropolitan capital can only be countered only with the unity of peasants, agricultural workers, trade unions and other section of people.

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