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Secular Parties Have Teamed up to Defeat BJP, not to Gain Power: D Raja

In an interview, the CPI leader attacked PM Modi for maintaining a “studied silence” on Manipur where over 100 people have lost their lives in the ethnic violence
D. Raja

Image Courtesy: PTI

Ranchi: Communist Party of India (CPI) general secretary D Raja on Monday said all secular democratic parties have teamed up together to defeat the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) JP in the upcoming 2024 general elections and not for grabbing power.

In an interview to PTI, Raja, who is on two-day Jharkhand visit, said the current situation in the country "is grave and disturbing" and there is a need to uproot the saffron party for the sake of democracy.

"Secular democratic parties are of the view that all must come together to defeat the BJP. This is not for getting political power, but to safeguard the Constitution, the democracy, the nation and its future. That understanding is gaining momentum...," Raja said.

"Who will be the leader of the group is not an issue at all. Everything can be discussed and decided collectively as the parties are matured enough,” he said.

"We had such experiences when the United Front was formed and leadership questions were addressed after winning. Even a common minimum programme was discussed and accepted. There was no problem. Everything went smoothly and everything was discussed collectively. There are no preconditions for the unity of the secular democratic parties," Raja said.

The veteran leader said he will be representing the Communist Party of India (CPI) in the June 23 meeting of Opposition parties in Patna which will be attended by many chief ministers and top leaders of various parties.

The meeting, called by Bihar Chief Minister and Janata Dal (United) leader Nitish Kumar, will see anti-BJP players chalk out a strategy for the 2024 Lok Sabha polls.

Raja alleged that RSS was forcing the saffron party to push its agenda that resulted in increasing attacks on dalits, minorities, women and others in the country.

"Ever since the BJP came to power, the RSS has become aggressive and is forcing the government to follow its agenda. That is the reason why we are witnessing increasing attacks on minorities, dalits, adivasis and women... The public sector is being dismantled and privatised. The government is openly siding with big corporate houses and even Parliament is being made redundant," the senior leader said.

He said the Opposition was not allowed to raise the issue of Adani in the last Parliament session.

"This government has become adamant and arrogant...It does not allow Opposition parties to raise their concerns,” he said.

On the situation in Manipur, Raja blamed the BJP for the violence in the northeastern state.

He attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for maintaining a “studied silence” on Manipur where over 100 people have lost their lives in the ethnic violence since May 3.

"Modi has been claiming that the double engine governments are making big progress in several states, including Manipur. But look at the situation. The government will have to take all the political parties into confidence. It should appeal to both sides to maintain peace, harmony and tranquility. It is the government which has created the situation," he alleged.

The senior CPI leader also questioned the manner the wrestlers’ protest was handled.

"See what is happening to the wrestlers who brought laurels to the country, but Mr Modi has not uttered a word on them...the BJP government has failed to provide good governance. There is growing discontent against the BJP across the country," he said.

He alleged that the BJP was using all tools to harass democratically elected governments in Jharkhand, Delhi and Tamil Nadu.

"Mr Modi and his government are trying to intimidate opposition parties and non-BJP governments. They think they can hoodwink people by taking such actions. But citizens are mature enough and understand what the Modi government has done to the country," he said.

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