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What is the 2G Spectrum Scam really about?

Newsclick Team |
After seven years waiting for a decision, memories of the case need to be refreshed.

The Judgement in the 2G Spectrum Case has thrown up more questions than answers. For seven years the people of India waited to hear the news that the big shots have been convicted. However, the Judgement came as an anti-climax to a series of unfortunate events. In this regard it may be worthwhile to return to the core issues of the 2G Spectrum Cases. As the core issues may have slipped from public memory, and commentators on the Judgement may need to refresh their minds, the real questions are; what is 2G? What was the scam? Who was scammed? Who was involved? And, how were they involved? To this end, a video from 2010 may help reacquaint failing memories with the case. 

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