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Will India Turn Off the Indus Tap?

Interview with D. Raghunandan |
Interviewed by Amit Sengupta
The Indus Water Treaty comes under a cloud after the Uri attack.

The 1960 Indus water treaty between India and Pakistan is among the most liberal water-sharing pacts in the world. Under the treaty, India has exclusive rights over the eastern rivers and their tributaries while Pakistan, over the western ones. After the recent Uri attack, there is now a clamour to use the pact to teach Pakistan a lesson. Despite three wars between the neighbours, the treaty has remained intact. Chances of repealing the agreement remain slim. India could cut water supply to Pakistan, but it does not have enough storage capacity, therefore the risk of flooding its own territory. Also, repealing the treaty will further exacerbate the situation in Kashmir. Will India take this risk?

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