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Will Kim Back off or the Korean Standoff Lead to War?

Interview with Atul Bhardwaj |
Interviewed by Prabir Purkayastha
The War like Situation in the Region Might be Muscle Flexing on Part of Trump

Newsclick interviewed Commander Atul Bhardwaj from the Institute of Chinese Studies (ICS), New Delhi on the standoff in Korean Peninsula. Bhardwaj feels that the chances of immediate war barely exists as US has a history of abstaining from direct intervention in the nuclear equipped countries.  He gives examples of Iraq and Libya where US made sure that all weapons of mass destruction, if they exist are removed from the region. It may take help of the UN agencies to ensure that or put pressure on China. Bhardwaj goes back into the history of standoff between the two nations and Korea’s nuclear capabilities. He also talks about the growing tension in the peninsula and its possible impact on the neighboring countries like South Korea and Japan.   

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