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NCRB: 45,026 Females Died by Suicide in 2021, Over Half Were Housewives

Majority of suicides by housewives were reported in Tamil Nadu (3,221 out of 23,179) followed by Madhya Pradesh (3,055) and Maharashtra (2,861 suicides).
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New Delhi: As many as 45,026 females died by suicides during 2021 in the country of whom more than half were housewives.

According to a latest report of the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), a total of 1,64,033 people have died suicide in 2021 across the country of whom 1,18,979 were males.

“Of females who committed suicides, the highest number (23,178) was of housewives followed by students (5,693) and daily wage earners (4,246),” the report said.

Majority of suicides by housewives were reported in Tamil Nadu (3,221 out of 23,179) followed by Madhya Pradesh (3,055) and Maharashtra (2,861 suicides) which accounted for 13.9%, 13.2% and 12.3% of total such suicides during 2021, respectively.

It was observed that 66.9% (1,09,749 out of 1,64,033) of the suicide victims were married while 24.0% were unmarried (39,421).

Widowed and widower, divorcees and separated have accounted for 1.5% (2,485 victims), 0.5% (788 victims) and 0.5% (871 victims) of total suicide victims, respectively, during 2021.

The female ratio of suicide victims for the year 2021 was 72.5:27.4, which is more as compared to year 2020 (70.9:29.1). The proportion of female victims were more in marriage-related issues (specifically in dowry related issues) and impotence and infertility.

The age group (18-below 30 years) and persons of 30 years-below 45 years of age were the most vulnerable groups resorting to suicides.

These age groups accounted for 34.5% and 31.7% suicides, respectively.

Family problems (3,233), love affairs (1,495) and illness (1,408) were the main causes of suicides among children (below 18 years of age).

A total of 28 transgender have committed suicide. Out of 28 transgender, nine were unemployed persons and seven were daily wage earners, two were self employed persons and one each under housewives, professional, salaried persons, while eight fall under other category.

Family problems and illness were the major causes of suicides which accounted for 33.2% and 18.6% of total suicides, respectively, during 2021.

Drug abuse and alcoholic addiction (6.4%), marriage related issues (4.8%), love affairs (4.6%), bankruptcy or indebtedness (3.9%), unemployed (2.2%), failure in examination (1.0%), professional career problem (1.6%) and poverty (1.1%) were other causes of overall suicides.

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