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AIKS Demands Urgent Unfreezing of NewsClick's Accounts

NewsClick's accounts have been frozen by the Income Tax Department since December 18.

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Delhi: The All India Kisan Sabha (AIKS) has released a statement condemning the Income Tax Department's freezing of NewsClick's bank accounts on December 18. 

It noted that NewsClick has been an instrumental voice in shedding light on critical issues like the Farmers' Struggle and violence against dairy farmers. The AIKS expressed deep concern over the IT Department's action and the imprisonment of NewsClick's editor-in-chief and HR head under the UAPA in October. It further noted the freezing of NewsClick's accounts as part of an ongoing series of measures targeting independent media and called for the accounts to be unfrozen. 

Read the full statement by the AIKS below:

All India Kisan Sabha Condemns Modi Regime's Authoritarian Attack on NewsClick; Demands Immediate Unfreezing of its Accounts

The All India Kisan Sabha (AIKS) strongly condemns the unjust freezing of NewsClick's bank accounts by the Income Tax Department on December 18. NewsClick has been a crucial voice in providing an alternative perspective on various issues, such as their coverage of the historic Farmers' Struggle, other critical policy issues, including the killings of dairy farmers in the name of Gauraksha by Hindutva extremists, and the role of the Sangh Parivar in the Delhi riots.

All this stands as a testament to their journalistic integrity and commitment to the masses and it is because of this coverage that they have been hounded by the Central government since October, when its editor-in-chief Prabir Purkayastha and HR head Amit Chakravarty were imprisoned without bail under the draconian UAPA.

The AIKS had mobilised the peasantry across the country for the release of the two on October 26. The latest action by Income Tax sleuths hopes to fatally halt the operations of NewsClick which has continued steadfastly despite the various scathing attacks on it.

The timing of this action, just ahead of the year-end festive season, adds to the distress of the employees who rely on their salaries for their livelihoods. This authoritarian attack on journalists, based on false allegations, is a direct assault on the pillars of democracy.

The hounding of NewsClick, one of the few progressive establishments unearthing the truth, and speaking that truth to power amidst the cacophony of sycophantic narratives, is deeply alarming and does not augur well for all independent media organisations working in the country today.

While the Godi media indulged in fawning eulogies, NewsClick has fearlessly delved into exposing corporate exploitation and crimes of Hindutva vigilante groups since its inception in 2009.

NewsClick has repeatedly stated that it has always complied with the laws of the land, including all tax regulations. The claims levelled by the Income Tax Department are without any basis.

AIKS firmly asserts that this fascistic assault on journalists will be vehemently resisted by the people of India. We call upon peasants and all sections of working people to extend solidarity to the journalists and media organisations in their struggle against the authoritarian Modi regime. AIKS also appeals to the public to extend unwavering support to NewsClick in these extremely challenging times, and support it with whatever means possible.

Issued by,

Vijoo Krishnan

General Secretary

Dr Ashok Dhawale


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