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The Dark Side of T20 Cricket - IPL Anniversary Special Part 2 (5.75 Ounces S-2, Ep.23)

Part 2 of the 5.75 Ounces Indian Premier League (IPL) anniversary special with Tim Wigmore.

The success of the Indian Premier League (IPL) created a template for cricket leagues around the world. But with the proliferation of leagues also comes vulnerability to influence. Doping and fixing are realities that are both fuelled and tempered by commercial and popular standing. So does more money lead to a more level playing field and transparency, or just more problems? In Part 2 of IPL anniversary special of 5.75 Ounces, conversation with Tim Wigmore, the co-author of Cricket 2.0 Inside the T20 Revolution, we talk about some of the challenges faced by T20 cricket from illegal betting, fixing and doping and how the sport has tried to deal with them. 

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