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Gurgaon: City Without a Master Plan

While the city employs many people, it is unable to cater to their basic needs.

Traditionally cities were planned according to water supply but now they are established according to employment. Gurgaon is a clear example of this. While the city employs many people, it is unable to cater to their basic needs. Water and its management are one of these basic needs which are completely ignored while developing Gurgaon. The adverse effects of this gross ignorance are being experienced by people of the city.

Gurgaon has very little underground water which is distributed unequally between higher and lower classes. There is no proper management for waste water. This situation occurred because the city was developed mainly by real estate and their main goal was profit and not a well-planned city. We can see that in high-end society buildings people are provided water 24x7, whereas, people in slums have to queue up to get a bucket of water. Similarly, there is no proper drainage system or waste management system. So, piles and piles of garbage on the streets can be seen.

Newsclick brings you a small feature in which experts and residents of Gurgaon not only explain the problems but also give rational solutions to combat the problems.

Courtesy:  South Asia Sustainability Hub and Transdisciplinary Research Cluster on Sustainability Studies, JNU

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