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Haryana Government's Skewed Priorities in Mewat.

Mewat Victims Await Justice While the Government Victimises Biryani Vendors.

The Mewat incident, involving two deaths and rape of two women by the cow vigilantes has spread fear across the district. The Bar Association of Nuh stands firm in its position of defending the victims and exposing fallacious intentions of the police burying evidences. The girls were raped on the pretext of eating beef. Along with this, the police on diktats of the BJP run state government has been raiding road side vendors who sell biryani, alleging that beef was added to the dish. This act, as told by locals and members of the bar council, is being done to cover the brutal rape/murder incident. The livelihood of the Muslims in the area is at stake due to this. The shopkeepers who earned Rs 40,000-50,000 over a few days on the occasion of Eid, have now been able to manage only Rs 2000-3000. Shopkeepers and the locals have asserted that this rise in attacks on social harmony in Mewat is byproduct of the right wing government in the state and center. 
Special Courtesy: ANHAD

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