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Karnataka: Muslim Organisation to Move Court to Challenge Change in Reservations

The Basavaraj Bommai government has scrapped the 2(b) category and announced that the 4% reservation earlier given to Muslims would now be distributed evenly between Lingayats and Vokkaligas.
Is arbitration still really an alternative to traditional litigation?

A Muslim organisation announced on March 31 that they would mount a legal challenge against the scrapping of the 2(b) category within the OBC list which guaranteed 4% reservation to the Muslim community. They have enlisted the help of CS Dwarkanath, former chairman of the Karnataka State Commission for Backward Classes, to represent them in the Karnataka High Court.

The organisation called Muslim Janangada Jagrutha Vedike (platform for Muslim people’s consciousness) held a press conference in Bengaluru to announce their intentions. The platform was created only in February by Dr. Gulshad Ahmed B.Z. with the intention of demanding a hike in the community quota.

The Basavaraj Bommai government scrapped the 2(b) category and announced that the 4% reservation earlier given to Muslims would now be distributed evenly between Lingayats and Vokkaligas. Bommai announced that Muslims would be able to avail the quota benefits of economically weaker sections (EWS). The BJP government also replaced 3(a) and 3(b) OBC subcategories with 2(c) and 2(d). The Vokkaligas were present in 3(a) along with Kodavas and Banajigas. Several Lingayat subcastes were present in 3(b) along with five other communities.

Speaking to NewsClick, CS Dwarkanath said that Muslims cannot be moved to the EWS category. He said, “EWS is only for communities that are strong socially but weaker economically. No commission so far has held that Muslims are economically weaker. But many studies have concluded that Muslims are socially and educationally backward. These studies are a prerequisite for making alterations to the OBC list. Moreover, I cannot understand the logic of replacing 3(a) and 3(b) categories with 2(c) and 2(d). Only the name has changed but the composition has not. In fact, there are many communities present there along with Lingayats and Vokkaligas. How will you deny others the benefits of the 4% reservation and ensure that it goes only to Lingayats and Vokkaligas? They are not providing clarification in this regard. This move has been made with only short-term political benefits in mind.”

A press release from the Muslim Janangada Jagrutha Vedike said: “The revision of the OBC list and denial to Muslims of reservation benefits is an attempt to move society towards deplorable times. Considering the population and conditions of the Muslim community, we claim reservation as our constitutional right. We demand its reinstatement.”

It may be noted that there are as many as eight Muslim subcastes in Category 1 of the Karnataka OBC list including communities like Chapperband. These communities will still be eligible to avail of OBC reservations.

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