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Kerala: Medicos of Govt Medical College Oppose Night Curfew in Ladies Hostel, Move HC

'Azadi- Break the Curfew' movement leading protest against order which mandates second and third-year students to return to their rooms before 10 pm.
Students protesting in front of the hostel against the curfew order on November 16 (Courtesy: news9live)

Students protesting in front of the hostel against the curfew order on November 16 (Courtesy: news9live) 

Kozhikode: The medicos in the Ladies Hostel of the Government Medical College (GMC), Kozhikode, have approached the Kerala High Court against the night curfew imposed. 'Azadi- Break the Curfew' movement is leading the protest against the order. 

The recent order mandates all the inmates of the LX-4 hostel, where second and third-year students stay, to return to their rooms before 10 pm. Such restriction is imposed only in this hostel, sparking a night-long protest on 16th November. 

The hospital management has claimed security reasons for the strict enforcement of the curfew. The students have demanded to ensure safety and not impose the curfew, that too only for the inmates of the ladies' hostel. 

The students have demanded the authorities convert the campus into a closed one to ensure security and safety with sufficient street lights, CCTV cameras and security personnel.


The inmates of the LX-4 hostel of the GMC, Kozhikode, resorted to protest on 16th November, after the curfew was strictly enforced from 10 pm. The students questioned the action as no such restrictions are in place in the other two ladies' hostels and gents' hostels. 

The students in other hostels need to enter their names in the movement register for using the library, attending duties and utilising other facilities.

One of the protesting students told NewsClick, “the authorities claim that there is a government order (GO) on night curfew for all hostel students. But why it is being imposed only in this hostel is unknown.”

The students withdrew the protest after the administration promised to hold talks the next day on the future course of action. 

The students also accused the Warden and security personnel of moral policing and hurling abuses if the students arrived late. “They used to inform our parents even if we came 10 minutes late. We had to wait outside the hostel until a security person opens the gate. Such practices must come to an end,” a student told NewsClick. 


The students also claimed that security reasons are being cited for the enforcement, but questioned why security is a non-issue while the hostel students are attending night duty. 

"Safety is the major concern raised by authorities for implementing curfew. We don't understand how safety can be ensured by locking women. Ironically, the government, which encourages night walking as a campaign, imposes a 9.30 pm curfew for students through a circular. However, the curfew is enforced only for girls' hostels. The situation is the same for other hostels in the state," said Fiona Joseph, vice president of the student's council to News9live


The 'Azadi- Break the Curfew' has filed a writ petition in the High Court to bring an end to the discriminatory practice. Four students of the movement moved the court on 21st November against the curfew.

The students have brought the issue to the notice of the state women's commission as well. "We had already approached the high court earlier as well against the curfew from 6.30 pm and won a mandate in our favour. We are hopeful of eliminating the present restriction as well", a protesting student told NewsClick.

The writ will challenge the order on curfew of the Kerala University of Medical Sciences.

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