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In the Name of the Cow

In the name of cow, at least, 63 cases of attacks and lynchings took place, since Modi came to power.

In the name of cow, at least, 63 cases of attacks and lynchings took place, since Modi came to power. 30 people were murdered by cow vigilante lynch mobs, since 2015. Majority of these murders, 21 to be precise, happened in states ruled by BJP (2 in J&K where BJP is part of the ruling coalition). 2 of the murders happened in Congress ruled states, 1 in Karnataka and 1 in Manipur, 4 in UP during Samajwadi Party’s rule and 4 in West Bengal. Of the 30 killed, 26 were muslims and 4 were from the lower castes.

The data is compiled from an existing map prepared by India Spend and additional information has been provided. 

In most of these cases, the murders could be prevented, if the police forces had not turned a blind eye to the deeds of the Gaurakshak goons. In some cases the local police were hand in glove with the lynch mobs. The public beating of Dalit youth in Una, Gujarat by these ‘cow protection’ goons using police batons is a testimony to such nexus.

In most of the cases the police have put the blame on the victims. On the murder of Alimuddin aka Asgar Ali in Jharkhand, police spokesperson RK Mallick said “Ali had a criminal record, and was an accused in the kidnapping and murder of a child. He traded in beef and had been getting calls for ransom from his business rivals and local criminals. Still, that does not give anyone the license to kill him. We will arrest the killers soon.” There are instances where the police has registered cases against the victims.

Gaurakshak violence seems to be the latest instrument that Sangh Parivar and BJP are using to consolidate their strength in the cow belt region and to expand in to new areas like West Bengal, Assam and Manipur.




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