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Bengal: 5 Children Die in Hospitals in 24 Hrs, Concerns Rise Over Possible Adenovirus

The adenovirus is gradually raising anxiety throughout the state as several children are being admitted to hospitals.
Bengal: 5 Children Died at Hospitals in 24 Hrs, Concerns Rise Over Possible Adenovirus

Representational Image. Image Courtesy: PTI

Kolkata: As the season change has hit, fever cases related to possible adenovirus infections are increasing across West Bengal, with five children passing away in the past 24 hours. There are symptoms of cold and cough among patients, and children are getting more affected by what the doctors think are adenovirus infections, whihc cause respiratory problems. However, other viruses are also causing fever.

The adenovirus is gradually raising anxiety throughout the state. One child after another is being admitted to the hospital. Parents are struggling in order to obtain the bed. Five children died in Kolkata in the past 24 hours, as per a PTI report.

Meanwhile, the Opposition has slammed the government over ‘poor’ infrastructure of the healthcare system.

The five children died primarily due to respiratory infections in different hospitals in Kolkata, but doctors are unsure whether it was due to adenovirus, a health department official said on Tuesday. They are still waiting for the test report of a nine-month-old to confirm whether she contracted an adenovirus.

Of the five, two children were undergoing treatment at Kolkata Medical College and Hospital while three others were admitted to the Dr. B C Roy Post Graduate Institute of Paediatric Sciences, the PTI reported. The cases were referred from hospitals in other districts.

Jayashree Roy, a nine-month-old infant from Howrah, was admitted to the Kolkata Medical College and Hospital. She returned home after recovering but was again taken to the hospital due to a fever. The family alleged that the child died due to the lack of proper treatment.

Another eight-month-old child, Abhijit Mondal, reportedly had a symptom of the adenovirus, but pneumonia was written as the cause of death. Doctors are investigating the matter.

In another case, a child from Kalyani was admitted to the Kolkata Medical College with the same symptoms. He could not be saved in the end.

News of the adenovirus infection has been public for quite some time in the state's districts, but the detection of it by physicians is still tricky. At present, the condition of the hospitals in the state is lacking. The number of referrers in government hospitals is also on the rise, and despite the Chief Minister's directive, it has not yet been reduced. Many children are currently in the ICU, NICU, and PICU wards.

The Opposition complained that the lack of proper infrastructure in multiple hospitals in the state is being noticed despite the Health Department's order, and as a result, children are suffering.

According to doctors, people should be cautious of the adenovirus, and distance should be maintained from any patient showing cold symptoms because the ability of the virus to infect is considerably high. The medical advisory says that people should wear masks if needed, and if one has a fever, they should see the doctor as soon as possible.

The state’s health office is concerned as the number of patients suffering from fever and respiratory tract infections steadily increases. However, statistics on how many people died this season of these causes have not yet been officially reported.

According to various hospital sources, at least 15 children have died in the past two months whose samples have been tested for adenovirus. Infection rates are the highest among children, while adenovirus infects older people as well.

The Health Department stated about two months ago that, in the event of an adenovirus outbreak, all facilities, equipment, beds, and oxygen should be available at all hospitals and medical centres, including the children's hospitals. But doctors say there is a considerable shortage of facilities in the workplace.

According to doctors, those who have been infected need treatment at the right time. Because of coughing and shortness of breath, children's lungs rapidly lose effectiveness. The patient would need to be in the ICU almost immediately when the physical condition deteriorates from the adenovirus.

They further caution that on the road or at home, adults should be careful when coughing and press their mouths on clothes so that they do not spread the droplets among the children.

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