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ISL, I-League, or Bust. Who Cares About the Football? (420 Grams S-1, Ep.36)

Newsclick Team |
I-League vs Indian Super League (ISL): The 420 grams ​crew present a possible road map for the future​ of Indian football.

​After nearly a decade of its commercial agreement​,​ the All India Football Federation has led club football in India to the brink of an abyss. ​​On the one​ hand there is the prospect of a private league, divorced from fans and ​​constitutional oversight, owning and operating the entire top flight club structure in the country; ​o​n the other there are millions of football fans and a legacy that goes back over a century. ​​The 420 grams ​crew go back in time to the beginning ​of the conversation, recount the developments since​,​ and present a possible road map for the future​ of Indian football​. The only workable solution? Watch to find out. 

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