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Indian Football Team Coach Igor Stimac: Chhetri Won't Be in Team on Past Glory (Highlights)

Newly appointed Indian football team coach Igor Stimac’s first assignment would be at the King’s Cup in Thailand, in the first week of June. Get highlights of the Indian football team coach Igor Stimac and technical director (TD) Isac Doru’s media interaction below.
Indian football team coach Igor Stimac

Igor Stimac, Indian football team’s new coach, has started on the right note and has called up as many as nine debutants for the camp ahead of the King’s Cup. Get highlights of the Indian football team coach Igor Stimac's media interaction below.

Igor Stimac, who was appointed as head coach of the Indian men’s football team a little over a week back, held his first media interaction in New Delhi on May 24. The former Croatia international, alongside Indian football technical director Isac Doru, shared their vision, and give a brief outline of their roadmap for the future of not just the national team but also the game in the country. (Get highlights of the Indian football team coach Igor Stimac and technical director Isac Doru’s media interaction below)  

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Both Doru and Stimac seem to be on the same page regarding the way forward for Indian football. Doru seems more the philosopher, and Stimac the pragmatist.

It was quite admirable that both have identified and made clear that neither league (the Indian Super League and I-League) is dispensable and the way forward is integration.

Stimac has had some time with the national team and will be making his decision on the final squad for his first assignment (the King’s Cup in Thailand) within the next two days. He likes the old guys, but was clear when asked that Sunil Chhetri (or any senior pro for that matter) can’t feature in the team based on past glory. He wants to give youth a chance too.

Live blog

Early Bird Arjun Pandit

Welcome all to our live blog. Let it be known that I’m the first one from the 420 Grams crew at the press conference. Which has never happened in my life before. I’d like to thank the entire 420 team for bestowing this honour upon me.  -- Arjun Pandit

Music for the Mood

Arjun's suggestion for anyone on the blog interested in "good music"


Isac Doru, the Man in Black

Just spotted Isac Doru is a crisp black suit, white shirt and black tie. Note to my fashionista self, that’s a good look. Not surprisingly, most journos are attacking the food. We journalists are a deprived lot in many ways.

-- Arjun Pandit

Celebrity Reporter

After ages feels like I’m doing some work. FYI, just gave a selfie, the power of cricket Modaaasuckaaaas

-- Arjun Pandit

Vaibhav DJ vs Arjun DJ

A better suggestion for music on this auspicious morning where Indian football finds a new beginning would be THIS

-- Vaibhav Raghunandan

Enter, the Good Looking 420 Gram-er

Siddhanth Aney has just joined the party. And made me pay for his cab... All you kids, think hard before becoming a journalist. Good looks will only take you so far.

-- Arjun Pandit

Igor and Croatian Pop

Our new head coach belting out what one can only assume is a Croatian pop classic. Mourinho, Arsene, Bielsa who. Igor is the popstar.

-- Vaibhav Raghunandan

Sethu FC's Triumph

In other Indian football related news, Sethu FC are the champions of the IWL. Which means ‘South India’ are the champions of Indian football. Seismic shift in power. STORY LINK

-- Vaibhav

Haryana Beats Football PC

In the male/female ratio that is...  The ratio of boys to girls at this PC is 10:2, which is not bad, actually!!!

-- Arjun Pandit

Wait is On...

The wait is killing me, who’s coming for this PC.........Katrina Kaif??

-- Arjun Pandit

It's Leone, Mates!

These days the celebrity is Sunny Leone, Arjun. Thanks to Arnab's excitement on Election Results day.

-- Leslie Xavier

Set to Roll in Few Minutes

Sit tight. Igor Stimac is set to come on stage in a few minutes, we have been told.

Black it is...

Both TD Doru and coach Stimac are here, wearing black suit, white shirt, black tie. Both looking like Men in Black agents.

-- Pandit

Hi, How Di...

Exchanging pleasantries could be the most difficult part of the press conference for all parties involved. Doru and Stimac at it now. 

Doru Does the Rashtra Basha Gig

Mera naam Isac Doru, aap se milke mujhe khushi hai... Respect!!! He prepared that and nailed it. 

-- Pandit

AIFF Passionate: Doru

"It’s a privilege to work with the AIFF. They are a passionate lot but passion isn’t enough to succeed, it needs to be coupled with technology and professionalism.

-- Isac Doru

Stimac's Opening Statement

Stimac: Namaste everyone. I feel like I’ve been here for 5 years, I know all the players by names.

Well Played, Coach

When someone who has been in India says they feel like they’ve been here five years, you cannot tell if they are being sarcastic or genuinely appreciative. Stimac qualifies his by saying that’s because he now knows the players very well.

Stimac with the strong header away, regarding one-on-one interviews. “Thanks for reaching out for interviews. This occasion is so that I can answer all your questions at once.” Well played sir.

Fighting for India is a job for all of us, says Stimac. Evidently he was tuned into the election results yesterday.

-- Vaibhav

Stimac on Media

Stimac: Need the media on our side. Fighting for India is a job for all of us. Need you to be patient and on our side.

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